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Bra of thrones


Red bra top Vanilla fabric in glossy red latex, on the top of the bra are shimmering glittery black fabric in the shape of a pyramid, for the entire width of the top and in the center of the top a pyramid of seven silver cast rings
Ring inside a ring in the center of the 3/2 cm alloy skull rings
The lower and upper part of the top is decorated in two and a half with red strips and inside them black strips
The width of the strips of land is 1.5 cm
The width of the black strips is 1 cm
In the cleavage of the back of the top to its width are six straps attached to six silver alloy buckles

This model is available in sizes
Top A Width of the circumference of the top 88 cm
Top B The width of the top circumference is 90 cm
Top C Width of the circumference of the top 94 cm