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Fishnet Mermaid Latex Bodysuit


A shiny black dress made of latex vanilla fabric
The upper part has lateral and longitudinal mesh strips
The length of each strip along it is decorated with a rectangular alloy iron bead 3 cm long
The top straps of the dress are attached to the top of a bra lined with vanilla fabric
Glossy black latex
Right side of the top The top to the middle line of the top is decorated with metal beads, silver rectangles, alloy 3 cm
The left side of the top is also decorated from the bottom to the middle line of the top
The bottom of the top is attached with straps and alloy beads to a glossy black latex vanilla fabric skirt clinging
Necklace straps of silver alloy beads on the right side of the bottom of the dress
The side rails of the top have four straps that connect to the back and width of the back and are closed by a silver alloy buckle in each of the straps.
The width of the straps is 1.5 cm
Rectangular alloy bead width 1.5 cm

There is only one model of the dress in size S to M
Top size C
The width of the top circumference strips is 90 cm