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Silver Matrix


Bra with hardened transparent top, decorated with strips of silver vanilla latex. In the center, a two-dimensional 9 by 7 cm stone studded skull with black and silver glitter, decorated with 4 cm, 1.4 cm, 1 cm raw silver studs.
The 1.5 cm wide, 17 cm long silver strap goes all the way up to the neckline and connects to a 43 cm long two-strap collar with 4 cm, 1.4 cm and 1 cm studs.
The straps are attached to the transparent latex top by raw silver rings including one at the center top of the bra.
The bottom part consists of three 1.5 cm wide, 80 cm long stripes of vanilla latex which fasten in the back by three silver buckles.
Each bra strap has its’ own buckle insuring secure fastening and support.